Tree Removal

Tree removal in Miami is a job that requires a professional arborist. The certified arborists at True Tree Service are well-versed in removal techniques, which include everything from careful piecing and lowering of branches to precision felling of large trunks.
Man in tree trimming branch with chainsaw

Professional Removal

True Tree arborists are ISA certified, meaning we carefully assess your property to determine the best approach for removing your trees.

Storm Ready

Trees may need to be removed because of storm damage or because an incoming storm is posing a hazard to your trees and property. Our experts can remove your tree quickly and safely.

Licensed & Insured

Tree removal may require a permit depending on species, size and municipality jurisdiction. We’re prepared to advise you in this process, in Miami and South Florida.

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Bucket lift with man pruning tree in Miami

Well Equipped

Our team has all the equipment needed to remove trees of all sizes. From bucket trucks to cranes, we are prepared to handle any tree related project in Miami.

Tree Experts

At True Tree we dedicate ourselves to trees and their health. Across South Florida, we work with clients large and small to ensure that their trees are maintained well. Don’t hesitate to call us the next time you need to remove a tree from your property.