Hurricanes and other kinds of stormy weather are just a part of life in Miami. Although tree and property damage from these events are common, True Tree Service can help you make your landscape more hurricane and storm resistant, reducing your worry when a storm is about to hit. With the help of True Tree Service, thinking ahead and remaining prepared ensure that both your trees and property are more likely to survive a storm intact. Using technical and informed techniques, our arborists are able to assist you with the following steps:- Evaluation of tree species for hazard risks- Recommendation of species specific pruning and care regimens- Improved ongoing management practices to maintain “wind-resistant urban forest”

– Preventative pruning with a focus on future storms and potential hazards:

Implementing these preventative measures can greatly reduce the damages incurred by hurricanes and other storm. Even so, the fickle winds of Nature often blow regardless of our preparations. Thankfully, True Tree Service also excels in what needs to be done after a storm. Hiring the right tree care professional is a worthwhile investment when following these steps to landscape recovery:

– Cleaning Up

– Assessing Damaged Trees

– Restoring and replanting

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