Mangrove Pruning

Mangroves are delicate and have special protections in the state of Florida due to the benefits they provide to their environment. True Tree provides a certified Professional Mangrove Trimmer (PMT) to assure the process of pruning mangroves is done right, adhering to Florida Department of Environmental Protections and Miami-Dade County regulations.
Mangrove trees

Restore Views

True Tree can help restore views obstructed on your property by mangrove trees by pruning and thinning mangroves, as well as removing non-mangrove species growing among the mangroves.

Mangrove Assessmnet

Are you considering purchasing a property with mangroves on it? Our Professional Mangrove Trimmers can assess the growth and advise on how much trimming can be done.

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Mangrove roots

Professional & Certified

When dealing with mangroves in Miami a PMT is required. True Tree has the ISA certified arborists to make sure your mangroves are dealt with in accordance with Florida regulations. Our experts can ensure that your mangroves stay healthy while getting the most of your waterfront property.